Decisions, Decisions

After reviewing several different scenarios, I’ve decided on what I’m going to order. 2 physical servers, 1 Disk storage device, some coffee and lot’s of sugary snacks.

I’ve settled on the Dell PowerEdge R420 for my 2 rack servers. They will be utilizing 2 cpu’s and 64gb of ram each. The independent storage will be the MD3200i equiped with 6 300gb 10k drives. Anybody on the floor convulsing yet?

I didn’t spring for the VMWare because Hyper-V can do everything but cheaper. I like VMWare but I needed to save money to be able to purchase the hardware I truly wanted.

So, to sum up in a nutshell, I’m going to have two servers running hyper-v and each of those servers will be running a virtualized server OS. Server #1 will be the DC and Server #2 will be our exchange 2013. Each server will run their images on the Networked storage device and the hyper-v servers will run clustering for the direct failover in the event that a server goes down. Anyone want to try and talk me out of this purchase has until midnight yesterday.

Wish me luck and I’ll keep the updates coming.


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